1. bnka1:

    Ken Barthelmey’s  “New World”. A bit of wonderful futuristic art.

  4. adorablemin:

    June, 2014
    Nagasaki, Japan

    (via toshibu)

  5. artbooksnat:

    Mawaru Penguindrum (輪るピングドラム) finished background art of the Takakura household, by art director Kentaro Akiyama (秋山健太郎).

    (via marazione)

  6. licoricewall:

    宮崎あおい (Aoi Miyazaki): earth music&ecology 2014 Summer

  7. kekai-k:


    Edit - more to come in the future

  8. travelhighlights:

    A House in the Mountains by Yuanling Wang

    Chongqing, China

    Via benempt:kateoplis

  9. leseanthomas:

    Just discovered French Comic Artist Richard Marazano and artist XIAO SHANG and their book, S.A.M. THIS is why i love comic books. Amazing storytelling, awesome character designs and acting, compelling colors, brilliant draftsmanship and short-hand. I wished Mainstream comics were like this. I’d buy them. 

  10. shear-in-spuh-rey-shuhn:

    Huts By a Fjord
    Oil on Canvas
    41.5” x 62”